6.7m Rimfire

The first of the 2.5 m wide beam boats

A spectacularly designed boat is highly sought after due to its remarkable handling capability. Superb handling, which puts this size vessel in a class of its own. This is all made possible thanks to the reverse Chine design

This vessel class can cope with any fishing trip, capable of going out 40 km’s off the shore. Nothing holds the Rimfire back especially not sea conditions

Customisable with multiple layouts and different options such as:

  • Island cab
  • Centre console
  • Cuddy cab
  • Soft top
  • Side consoles


6.7m Rimfire

  • Plate size = 5 mm hull and 4 mm Side sheets
  • 220 L fuel tank per void
  • 150 L kill tank
  • Beam = 2500 mm (wide)
  • Dead rise = 18 degrees
  • Approx dry vessel weight = 1100 Kg
  • Recommended Power plant = 150 to 200 HP

 All of our vessels are built out of 5083 marine grade Aluminium Sheet metal

With Full Frames and 6000 series stringers which run perpendicular to the Hull (max 250mm apart).

The unique Reverse Chine gives our Boats a very Responsive and Stable Tracking Character which combats Broaching.

At Rest the chines act like Sponsons and Retards Listing to a very comfortable point ( A big win with Hard Core Fishos).

All of our Vessels Can be Custom built as long as they stay within the Parameters of the Australian Builders Plate Standards.

All our Boats under 6.1 mtrs have Microlin Foam as positive Buoyancy Aid (Aus Builders Plate)

We provide Hinn Numbers and Optional Fit out requirements.

Primarily A Raw finish with all Pre cut and drilled requirements our vessels will be ready for fit out at the arranged ETA for the owner builder.

Our optioned full finished vessel can be Quoted for (under Contract) with Paint, windows ,Electrics, Carpets , Upholstery ,stickers and all varied BLA products (see online).