Bullet Welding and Bullet Boats (Est 2005)

Willie and Bron have endeavoured to cater as best as possible for all kinds of fabrication and Welding projects.
Primarily an Aluminium Boat building company but also diversified in other fields such as Stainless and Mild steel welding, On-site maintenance, Marine fit-out, Tray-back Canopies, Roof racks and much more.

With 15 years of Boat Building experience Starting at Austal Ships and working through other Fabrication and Engineering Work shops, Willie has been able to grow his experience and ability to cater for a wide variety of Projects.

A WTIA coded welder in Stick Welding and Tig Welding.

Coded in Aluminium Mig welding and capable welder of steel in Hard wire and Flux Cored wire.. nothing is impossible.

We currently have 6 staff working together in our workshops and we would love to Build your dream Boat.
Aluminium Vessels, from the 3.8 mtr up to 8.5 mtr reverse chine Mono Hulls, Pontoon boats and conventional Hulls.

We build all kinds of Addons to Fibre Glass vessels in aluminium.. such as Marlin boards, outboard Motor Pods, Hard and Soft Tops, Bow Sprits, Bow rails etc etc…
Let us design and quote to your requirements.

  • Built out of  5083 marine grade Aluminium Sheet metal
  • Full Frames and 6000 series stringers which run perpendicular to the Hull (max 250 mm apart)
  • The unique Reverse Chine gives our boats a very responsive and Stable Tracking Character which combats broaching
  • All of our Vessels Can be Custom built as long as they stay within the Parameters of the Australian Builders Plate Standards

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Check out this beauty, a magnificent Spanish Mackerel
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