4.99m Ruger

The Ruger is a deep sided (free board) and highly sort after style for all West Australian coasts, this boat is highly capable in various ocean conditions

Built tough with sealed decks (foam filled) compliant with the Australian Builders plate standards (AS1799)

An integrated wet sump spill void at the transom keeps the deck dry and can be drained on the go or even filled at rest as a kill tank

The 4.99 comes highly recommended in the centre console version, being the most preferred option that the majority of fishing skippers use today

The complete package is negotiable to tailor to your needs; for example: adding seat boxes or more storage compartments.

This boat size is currently being used as a Skippers Ticket Trainee vessel and as constantly remarked to “work very well and is very user friendly compared to other boats in its size

Built specifically at 4.99m, the Ruger brings itself under the next registration cost rise, saving you from ongoing recurring registration fees.

  • Foam filled aluminium frame structure seats
  • Plate size = 4 mm hull and 4 mm side sheets.
  • 90 L+ fuel tank per void
  • Beam = 2350 mm (wide)
  • Dead rise = 17 degrees
  • Approx dry vessel weight = 480 Kg
  • Recommended Power plant = 90 HP
  • All our boats come with 5083 Marine grade stainless steel
  • Full Frames and 6000 series stringers which run perpendicular to the Hull (max 250mm apart)
  • Unique Reverse Chine gives our Boats a very Responsive and Stable Tracking Character which combats Broaching
  • Rest the chines act like Sponsons and Retards Listing to a very comfortable point ( A big win with Hard Core Fishos)
  • All of our Vessels Can be Custom built as long as they stay within the Parameters of the Australian Builders Plate Standards
  • All our Boats under 6.1 mtrs have Microlin Foam as positive Buoyancy Aid (Aus Builders Plate)
  • We provide Hinn Numbers and Optional Fit out requirements
  • Primarily A Raw finish with all Pre cut and drilled requirements our vessels will be ready for fit out at the arranged ETA for the owner builder.
  • Our optioned full finished vessel can be Quoted for (under Contract) with Paint, windows ,Electrics, Carpets , Upholstery ,stickers and all varied BLA products (see online)