Welcome to Bullet Welding the leaders in custom fabrication of aluminium boat building and general aluminium and steel fabrication.

We are based in Rockingham WA and have provided specialized service to people all over Western Australia. All of our boats are built to exceed or equal the Australian Standards.

Reverse Chine Technology

Bullet Welding implements a cutting edge fabrication technology which is labelled Reverse Chine. This fabrication technique significantly increases the stability and handling of any boat constructed to this type of specification.

What causes boats to be unstable?

Most of us have been in those boats out on the water which rock and roll as soon as any weight is suddenly moved around. This process can be explained because the normal rounded curved hulls, like most dinghy’s, have no resistance to the water but rely solely on well placed weight through out the boat. If any of that weight, be that people or fuel tanks or an esky full of beer, makes its way to one side of the boat it will cause a displacement of the centre gravity and cause the boat to tip to one side. In some cases it can be to a disastrous effect.

How do we combat this?

This exact issue is tackled head on with the implementation of Reverse Chines to the fabrication of the hull. A hull that utilises this type of technology has much greater handling and a safer ride.¬†In addition to those fantastic reasons you can also get a much greater ability to, for example, fish all around the boat no matter who is standing or sitting where. Because the water is “cupped”, as opposed to being displaced, the boat sits a lot higher in the water even when it has settled.

Reverse Chine

We can fabricate a broad range of products from unique one off projects to fully customised fabrications

Our custom boats are arguably the best on the market

We build to order and provide a high class workmanship that gives you the confidence you are buying a top line boat

We also modify various things to suit all types of requests. From fuel tanks, to pot tippers, to hull extensions to 4wd canopies, we are confident at Bullet Welding that our out of the box thinking will have you smiling every time